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How to setup the surface pen to snip full screen and then launch the snip and sketch tool


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Hi, I've been searching for a few hours on the Google search and found nothing on this...

Previously, I was able to click and hold the eraser button on my surface pen and it will do all the 3 things below in succession automatically:
1. immediately capture a fullscreen snip,
2. open the snipping tool (aka the snip and sketch tool)
3. Paste the fullscreen snip within the snip and sketch.
All this is done without my intervention after I click and hold the eraser button. I loved this because it is so quick and easy.

Somehow, today, when I am changing some other settings for my surface pen, I accidentally changed the "click and hold" settings as well. So the above feature no longer works.

I tried to set the surface pen click and hold to "open an app" > "snipping tool" but it now simply opens the snipping tool (ie step 2 only) and no longer does steps 1 and 3 for me.

Does anyone have any idea how to get the above back? Thanks!
Yep, you've found something Microsoft changed. Thanks for outlining the previous behavior so clearly, @nonick.

I used to capture my screen in the same way you did during work sessions. Now, I do this:

1. Press WindowsKey+PrtScn
2. Open markup program (Paint, Whiteboard, etc.)
3. Ctrl-V to paste.

Step 1 takes a screenshot, and places it in the Windows Clipboard, and also in your default /Pictures/Screenshots folder. Step 2 can be accomplished with the pen button, if you wish. Step 3 will allow you to begin editing.