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I am on Surface Book #3


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So really MS, I want to love this product...

#1 Worked flawlessly, started to get interested in the low profile SD card. For a week never used SD slot. After 9 different cards concluded drive was borked.

#2 Turned on work 2.5 minutes then run into the Auto repair mode and locked drive. Attempted to use repair tool and... want to throw it through the window.

# 3 BSOD internal power. I have done nothing on the machine but updated. Figuring getting the most up to date software might be what is needed.

I must stay I love the device, people are jealous. But my close friends and family would not go through the troubles I have. This says a lot in rushing production, rather then ensuring the product is right. This also says something for mass production as a whole.

Now getting display driver error and it recovered. MAC out of box would not have these issues, and if you did get a bad one the second one would work. PLEASE if anyone can offer assistance would be great.

All have been i7 256 with dGPU.

So how many you had before perfection?


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So far, mine has worked flawlessly except one time. I awoke it from sleep (no problem there), but the cursor was missing. I detached the clipboard and reattached it, and the cursor was there like always. So far, that's been it. I downloaded the Win10 upgrade last night, and the cursor thing happened after that. Don't know the upgrade had anything to do with it or not. There may be other things crop up, but for now nada.
I'm on #2. The first one had continual lockups and freezes that I couldn't do anything. My replacement works well, except for the battery life. I am still inclined to think there are some hardware issues on these things. I have had only one BSOD when attaching the screen.

I really love this product but not at the price point. If I'm not getting better battery life than my 5 year old MacBook Pro, something is definitely wrong.


How do you guys know that there is an issue with the device itself vs a software problem? For example I got the BSOD a few times after I detached and reattached the screen (but that was the exception). I also got a message once that there was an issue with the intel display driver but it didn't impact anything.

I just assume that these are software issues that will get worked out eventually and not a problem with my devise itself. Maybe I'm being naïve.


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Well # 3 has held up. With numerous BSOD and issues detaching and after all updates including W10 pro I reset figuring I would be going for #4 and have had no problems. I went from BSOD (internal_power_issue) to noting. I will keep an eye on this one but hopeful this works like it should. Plus, I think Best Buy needs to replenish their stock of i7. Funny in the keynote for this device would of been nice to present the BSOD screen as it will be the most people will see when unboxing MS's flagship laptop.