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Opening a Microsoft Account requires a new e-mail address. Why?


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I'm trying to fire up my brand new Surface Pro, but before I can proceed I need to set up a Microsoft account. That's fine. The problem is that I am also forced to set up an e-mail account with the only choices being @outlook.com, @hotmai.coml, or @live.com. I do not want to change e-mail providers. Why can't I use my existing e-mail provider?


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G-man, thanks for your response.

I decided to not use Outlook.com to set up an MS account, as directed in the Surface Pro instructions. Instead, I went to my PC and set up an account at the MS URL directly, that way my regular e-mail address was accepted. But guess what? I still wound up with an Outlook.com account. It's no big deal, but I consider it an intrusion. For the same reason that I won't touch Apple products, I should have known better than to buy hardware from a software house. :-(((

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