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I need an explanation of model numbers


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I've noticed that there are 2 different types of model numbers associated with Microsoft items. I need to know how one is located. Microsoft Surface Tablets and Computers appear to have 2 model numbers (Ex. CR5-00001, QWU-00001, V4C-00064). Then they also have a model that us the standard 4 digit number (Ex. 1631, 1769, 1516). Where are the 7 digit model numbers located in the system to identify the item?


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I'm not an expert but I sometimes play one on the Internet... ;) I'm guessing the 4 digit numbers are model numbers and the other numbers are SKU numbers (stock keeping unit) these may be variable from merchant to merchant, country to country etc. I don't know that they have much use to the layperson and I have no idea where you'd get a master list if such thing even existed.