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Screen Protector?


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this is not the anti glare one but it does reduce the glare compared to having no protector on. I never have any glare issues. as for fingerprints, not when the display is on. even on dark backgrounds. of course when its off, depending on angle looking at it, I can see my finger smudges. but it wipes off very easily with a microfiber towel.


I have Screen Protector , its protects the SP screen but if you are someone who uses Wacom Pen a lot then don't


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I guess I should chime in as one who does not use a screen protector. I keep the type cover on when not in use. I bring mine to work every day where I walk around place to place (don't stay at a desk), carrying it in a Samsonite netbook case. Taking it out frequently to use it, the mag case is getting quite beat up but I don't mind that. It makes it look battle worn, but the glass has stayed like new.


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How many of you guys are using a screen protector on your SP? I have a type cover so I'm worried about the keys scratching the screen so I'm using a Zagg Invisible shield. But the knobs on the "F" and "J" keys leave lines on the screen protector. I know the SP have Gorilla glass but I'm hearing some people are still getting hairline scratches.
Its probably better to avoid any scratches at all and keep the screen protector on your screen. Even if the knobs on the keys leave line in the screen protector, your screen is safe from those scratches. I use Gearmaxx screen protector from ebay on my phone to avoid scratches because the phone I previously owned ended up looking like garbage. So I suggest you keep the screen protector on and let it do its work ;)


I have one from Skinomi that came with the carbon fiber skin I got. Hadn't used it for a long time but noticed a scratch on my bezel so I put it on. It is a wet install but after a few days it cleared up and you can't really tell it is on. Pen works fine with it as well. Had tried a Xtreme Guard on it before and that was horrible.