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Screen Protector?


Just curious, but how many of you are using a screen protector on your Surface? I had a Tech Armor screen protector on mine since I got it. It hard and feels like glass (best screen protector I've found) but I just had my device replaced and I still haven't put a screen protector on the new unit because the bare glass feels awesome. The bare glass is also showing a lot less finger prints than when I was using a screen protector.

I have Microsoft Complete, so I guess I can make accidental damage claim if I end up getting a large scratch in the glass, but what are your thoughts on screen protectors?
I personally don't use screen protectors on any of my tablets or phones but that is only because they detract from both the feel and vision of the devices.
I tried the screen protector when I first purchased by SP1 and it didn't even last 5 minutes!

For me, there's nothing like that bright, bare screen. Same for my iPhone; ever since I upgraded from the iPhone 4, I also went bare screen and it is great.
I think screen protectors are a must in phones. Not just for their resale value but also to keep the screens clean and damage free. My friend recommended me a screen protector in ebay a few months ago and I haven't looked back since. Gearmaxx screen protectors are really good if you want to avoid minute scratches and smudges that affect the visibility of your screen. Really easy to install too!!
I use Illumnishield HD screen protector on my SP3 and it is terrific, easily went on, works great with the pen and you can barely tell it's on. Many users have reported mixed reviews about the Matte and other offerings from them, but if you stick to the HD one, it works well.