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ICS Calendar events via Mail


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I am moving from iPad to Surface Pro 2. I like the native SurfacePro 2 mail client - (Outlook is too "heavy").

I am using Outlook on my home PC, and want to pass calendar invitations to the Mail client on the Surface Pro 2. Setting up my personal mail account (imap), I do not get the option to sync calendars. However, I think I could effectively get the calendar meeting details via the blahblah.ics attachment that comes via email attachment.

Question for the forum:
Can I get the Mail Client to present an attachment as a meeting request (blahblah.ics) filename? Right now, it only comes though as a blahblah.ext file in the Mail inbox. (GMAIL does preserve the .ics extension.)

If I can receive it as a .ics file, than, presumably I could associate the Calendar application with that extension.

Any thoughts, anyone?