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inking "zig- zag" issue


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Surface pro 3 from a firesale (sample-unit), i5, 128gb,win 10,

hey there,

First of all : I'm New to the Surface pro 3 ( for the last 6 years x61 t from Lenovo). So this is my First Post in this Forum. "hello all of you ". Introduction: german (Würzburg ) --> so excuse the weird autocorrection with the Capital letters . I'm ateacher , so I use the inking quite a lot. And There is the First Problem. The pen: when i draw slowly (no difference in OneNote or photoshop) it is impossible to draw a smoth Line , ist's always making a Kind of a Zick-zack Line . on the x61t (with wacom dig.) a had never such Problems . I Made a Video:

Perhaps, Somebody knows something about that Problem. All Updates are Made and i Changed the pen Batterie.

Thx Roland


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This is an issue with drawing slow diagonals when using N-Trig technology. As far as I know there's no fix for that. Some thoughts I had for a workaround are: rotate the paper 45 degrees so that your diagonal is now a horizontal or vertical on the Surface. or use a vector drawing program for diagonal lines. or draw fast! ;)


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after 4 years and 3 new generation this issue is still unsolved. Same problem here in surface pro 6

and new member, hello all!


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I just took a careful look at the posted video. I clearly see that the pen is not moving by hand in a smooth line. As is typical of slowly drawing with a pen, the movement is interrupted with friction differences, heartbeat effects of the user, and simply not moving along a smooth arc.

My opinion is that the N-trig and Surface software and hardware is acting as it should. Some software does a “spline” curve fit on fewer samples of the digitizer, but such software is poor for handwriting, due to the short traverses of forming letters with a pen. The Surface pen is, in the end, a handwriting tool.

Try this: Place a lightweight plastic cup upside down on the screen. Trace its circle with the pen at a reasonably slow speed with any pen-enabled app. A smooth curve results.