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Install DVD-CD based games on Surface Pro 3


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I have recently switched to Surface Pro 3 (i5 / 256GB)and used to play Age of Empires 3 or even a older FPS like WWII CoD on my i5 laptop. I would love to continue playing these games on my Surface Pro 3.
I have used No-CD patches before on my laptop after installing the games from CD but my first attempts installing it from ISO-files didn't work as it kept asking to insert the CD.
What is the best / easiest way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance



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Welcome to the forum Stidly

I would think if the problem is one of getting it installed, what you are trying should work but maybe someone else has another idea. You could set the CD/DVD drive on the laptop up as a share and install from there.


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Have you tried mounting the image on a virtual drive and installing it form there?
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