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Intel has NOT begun shipping Broadwell. Damn that timing...


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I'm sure MS has an NDA with Intel and knew Intel's plans for releasing any new chips well before SP3 was announced and determined what we have best fits the current cycle. Like others have said, you have to buy what is available now not some future product. I'm happy with my choice and love my SP3.


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:eek: WOAH
If that has broadwell, Battery Life/RAM/SDD/Price comparable to the SP3, and released for the holiday season,
that will be a solid machine that I will salivate over.
Broadwell would be awesome, and the 4G LTE connectivity would be the icing on the cake.

4GB Ram tops...


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It's a sure thing the next Surface model will have Broadwell. I would bet we won't see a new Surface Pro model until next May at the earliest. Since the current Surface model isn't even fully deployed yet and the Broadwell full roll-out isn't until next year. Microsoft can't simply just swap out the CPU, some sort of redesign will be required.
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For the ASUS Transformer book Chi: 4GB tops, no pen digitizer, and a micro usb port, kills it for me.

Shawn Alfenito

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Meh. There is always something to upgrade to. Whenever the Broadwell based SP4 comes out I will get it. Then I will get the Pro 5, 6, 7...so on and so on. Buy, sell, upgrade, repeat. I am very satisfied with the evolution of the SP line so I am happy to have the SP3 for now.


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Interesting! But the site's review of the SP3 is less than optimal and appears to suffer from the same misconceptions that have dogged the Surface line since their original release.
I know the owner/editor of the site, I sat an industry panel at a Tech Conference with him during the Beta of Windows 8.0 and for someone who makes his living reporting on MS he sure doesn't like them much, but he does have some good inside sources at MS and Intel as well as some other OEMs...