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SP4 may have NO Ports, Zero, None.


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Intel is going full steam ahead with Skylake and some vendors are skipping Broadwell chips in their products and going with Skylake.


Though it promises a variety of features, Skylake is generating excitement mainly because it’s expected to reduce the need for power cords, display connectors and other peripheral cables. Skylake laptops can have wireless charging, and also carry display and data signals wirelessly, which could spell the end for HDMI, DisplayPort and even USB cables.​

One of the premier features of Skylake is Wireless everything...
Wireless Charging, Wireless Displays, Wireless Storage, Wireless USB, Wireless networking, Wireless ..., Wireless, all Wireless.

So... the SP4 could ship with a wireless hub and No Ports of any kind, maybe it will even be waterproof but only the low end Core-M model the i5 and i7 will still need cooling vents. I don't see wireless cooling working yet.

Microsoft has stated the next generation will be compatible with the sp3 accessories including dock so no it will have to have the ports. Keeping it compatible is a selling point for businesses


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I am using my Surface Pro 3 as a laptop replacement when I travel to do workshops. I use adapters for HDMI and VGA to connect the miniPort to the display systems.

With no ports, how would I connect to projectors and large monitors to display my presentations?
While I'm not arguing for no ports, for the particular issue of connecting to display systems, if the display in question has hdmi input, then you can use the wireless display adapter from Microsoft. https://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/p/wireless-display-adapter
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