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Is Powerpoint 2010 viable on MS Surface?


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I am new here and planning to buy a Surface Pro (This forum will help me decide which).
I will be using Powerpoint for my Not-for profit work, and as we already own Office 2010- I was wondering if anyone had loaded Office 2010 onto a MS Surface and whether that worked?
This is really to avoid paying again for a subscription for the Presenter Notes feature of Powerpoint, which will come out of my pocket, when we already own a version that does this.
I’m not hugely worried about the cost (if I’m getting a new device obviously!) but on principle, I wanted to ask the question.


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I own so many previous versions of Office, and yes, they work. However, of course, you will get many notices from OneDrive regarding upgrading to Office 365 or Office 2016, which you can eventually unsubscribe to.

That being said, Presenter Notes is included with even the least expensive Office subscription. No extra charge.

I am a very heavy PowerPoint user, professionally, recreationally, including multimedia in public speaking. The new features, especially speed, menu bar clarity, multimedia file types, and use of the pen (which you will get with your new Surface) are well worth the money.