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Is there a way to delay the lock screen?


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Like a 5m timeout. So if you turn it off or close the cover and then immediately want to use it again, you don't have to enter your PIN again?

The current scheme which makes you type in your MS account password everytime is so cumbersome that it pretty much forces you to use the low security 4 digit PIN. Dumb.


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That suggestion (to set closing the lid to "do nothing") does what it says - nothing. So closing the lid becomes completely useless. I think that suggestion might work on a Surface, but not a Surface Pro.

That's weird. There's no reason why this particular setting would work on a Surface RT class but not Pro. Any Pro users willing to test this out? Your keyboard must be attached; set "when lid closes" option to "do nothing." Close your lid and peek between, and it should be completely dark.

The other options include using a picture password, which is much faster than a PIN (I don't have a PIN)... Or just select the "DON'T REQUIRE A PASSWORD" option in power options.