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What Led You to Surface (Past Tablet Use)


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What tablets have you tried/owned, and why did you decide to get a surface?

I own and love my ipad for gaming and news/weather when away from my big box computer, but I don't see it as a business tool.

I had a Dell Streak, but didn't care for it, or Android. Maybe I was spoiled by the iOS App Store, but Android seems to allow anyone to submit just about anything, so I was going through pages of junk to find a useful app.

I had a Kindle Fire. Actually liked the size an design of it, and as an Amazon Prime member liked all the free content... but I just didn't end up using it.

I ordered a Surface to have Office access away from my PC and am hoping for a more TCB tablet than my ipad toy; though a few quality games would be nice.


More than anything, I've just been spurred on by an uneasy need to get the latest. That is why I have to curb myself from just quickly spending money on a new device as soon as it is released.


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Yeah, the live tiles are interesting. Already on the lookout for a deal on a touchscreen for my PC to make use of the new features.


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Had various Windows tablets for years. Jumped to iPads because of instant on (including on the network), long battery life. Being light was a bonus. Ordered a Surface because I really, REALLY missed OneNote.


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Have used iPads and Android tablet. Was looking for a more versatile, mature (?) tablet. I believe the Windows Surface is the perfect mediator between work and play. The USB port, sd slot and integrated keyboard system make it a perfect way for me to work, share, connect and play. built in Microsoft Home and Student was what sold it for me.