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Is Windows Defender Enough



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Doesn't Windows 10 run Windows Update daily by default?
Maybe it does but I have auto updates turned off and I check daily without fail myself. This may not be necessary on my SP but on previous devices this is just a habit I have developed over the years as it is very frustrating to be at work and in the middle of a presentation or preparing for a presentation and have some big office updates or windows updates hit in the background and just bog everything to a crawl.

So yeah I may not a virus patch that is pushed out today at 10am until 5pm but I'll take my chances.


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Try as they might, no antivirus can block EVERY intrusion attempt and running too many active antivirus scanners in the background bogs the system down way too much. Like Sharpuser said, Windows Defender does a really good job of this so I don't see a point in running two active antivirus applications in the background. I have found in the past, however, that Windows Defender misses an infection, but when I run Malwarebytes and find/remove the infection, Windows Defender pulls a "..I found a virus and am cleaning it now" after Malwarebytes detects the infection.

Regarding windows updates, on my Surface Pro and Surface 3, I let them handle updates on their own since the devices usually automatically update themselves on a regular basis. I stopped forcing the updates on my Surface devices because Microsoft announced that sometimes when you force windows updates, you download beta updates that haven't been fully tested and can cause issues with your machine. On my laptop, I will run updates manually just because it's not always checking for updates on its own and gets powered off often.

So for my Surface Pro 6, I try to make sure the battery has enough of a charge that if I put it to sleep on the table or in its case, it has enough power to periodically check for updates and install them on its own without running out of power and not being able to install the updates as a result.


I haven't used a third party (including constantly running Malwarebytes) for at least ten years, probably more. Never had an infection on my main computer. I have had a few on my various VM's, but I just go back to an earlier image. Of course frequenting the web's more shady parts is begging for infections, so I have my own torrent VM and test VM's do check out software. Big name porn sites doesn't have virus anmore either, if you're scared of that. They have far too much money to loose on that, most of them have better routines and security then a regular online newspaper. ;)

Oh and there's only one 100 % functioning AV, and that's wetware. Your brain. Don't be an idiot, and you won't get a virus or anything else like that. Clicking links in mail is probably the number one reason stuff happens, so don't do that. Copy the link to the clipboard, then you'll see what it's actually trying to send you to.
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