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It has Flash, IPad does not


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I was seriously considering an Ipad3 with a Belkin Keyboard, I am 71 years old and not very mobile at the moment. ( wheelchair for awhile). This device will allow me to go someplace and stay connected to all my forum, this one included, now I am going to wait for these to be available. I really miss Flash on my Iphone 4S and I would miss it more on an IPad. Plus , it might be rumor but this comes with Office or a smaller version of it that includes Outlook. If I have a keyboard for it and Windows 8 has anything better on it than Windows 7, this might be a really good alternative buy. Plus I would have to consider pricing seriously.


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Thanks for the Welcome guys and gals, I am a Software guy retired from 35 years at IBM. So building gaming rigs and all these new types of technology are my mainstay. I keep myself busy learning from people at forums and also teaching if I think I can help. I am very happy to be here , it seems like a great forum and to be here at the launch is an honor.


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It really looks like Microsoft has a great product in the works. I was beginning to lose faith after all all the Windows tablet attempts in the past, not to mention netbooks and ultrabooks, which just do not appeal to me. I myself have been looking towards getting a new iPad, but some of the limitations just have had me waiting to see if something better on the Android side of things would come around. This, however looks really good.


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Welcome to the forum Skywaffle!

We are all hopeful that Win8 and the Surface unleashes the potential in tablets. I love my Android tablet, but it still has some big limitations.


Flash is slow, processor and memory intensive and buggy and insecure. We'll all be better off once everyone moves to HTML5 ;)


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The biggest issue, it cannot be hardware accelerated. Only Software. This is a killer for the tablets. Even on some computers it can be a killer.
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