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Having had enough time to play with my Surface I thought I would share some impressions. Some things have been pleasant surprises. The size is great, the weight acceptable and the screen resolution no problem at all—the reviews criticizing it were without merit. The touch cover far exceeded expectations and I have no desire to get the keyboard cover. The startup time is great and battery life is good. Everything moves fluidly. One of the biggest surprises is what a big difference the kickstand makes—I had no idea such a simple prop would change how I used the device. Windows 8 does take some getting used to but now that I have learned the basics I love it.

The following are some things that I would like to see improved. Keep in mind I have an iPad 2 as a reference.

- I don’t like how some apps go to the desktop. I know this is temporary but because Windows 8 is so good it is kind of an “ugh” moment when the desktop show up.

- Xbox music doesn’t stream smoothly, at least not for me. It is similar on my Windows 7 phone where song don’t always play or there are delays or problems. Spotify on my Windows ohone works perfectly, so Xbox music should too.

- Favorites in IE 10 need to be better organized. I don’t want a string of 100 apps to scroll through! Work apps, financial apps, shopping apps, etc. should be in folders. I can’t even drag the apps. This is a big oversight. Search is helpful but doesn’t replace folders.

- There are only a couple of features I miss from my iPad but the two seemingly little things that I really miss include the built-in “reader” app that shows web articles as text (love it!) and touching the top bar of the browser to return to the top of the web page.

- Of course there is the lack of apps, which will improve. The only ones I am finding it difficult to live without is Barnes and Noble Nook and a working Citrix app (the one in the app store won't authenticate). I have several magazine subscriptions and I have to keep my iPad until an app is released. I hope the Nook app supports magazine because the Kindle app doesn’t. I, along with thousands of other people, need Citrix for work.

I wondered when I ordered my Surface if I would start reaching for my iPad again but, aside from the apps I mentioned, I don’t. I really am pleased with Surface.