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Hi all. I bought my surface a month ago. I hope nothing is wrong since i bought it abroad and i have no way to turn it back in my country. The thing is that today i woke up and when i touched the upper-left back area it was really hot (it was unplugged during the night). So i turned the Surface off for a few minutes to let it cool down and then on again. Now is not that hot, but i can feel that the right-upper part is always completely cool and the left part is a little warm, but not that hot as i had found it that morning.

Any idea what could have happened that night?
Do anyone have that upper-left area of their Surfaces getting some temperature (just a little warm comparing to the extremely coolest right upper side)?

Hopefully it was a one-off problem. Under my normal use, the top portion of my Surface 2 will get slightly warm, but that's it (it'll get warmer if I play some app games, but nothing major).

My Surface 2 was in sleep mode when, one day, I decided to plug in a USB flash drive so I wouldn't forget it. I then put my Surface away in my bag; when I came back to it hours later, the back was much hotter than it normally gets. I think plugging in the USB drive triggered something and then something else crashed, so I just shut down my Surface and rebooted to be safe. It hasn't happened since.
Thanks oion. I believe i experienced kind of the same thing. The only thing i can think in was that yesterday i changed sleep time on battery to "never" and before going to bed i forgot to change it back to my usual 1 minute setting. Notwithstanding that, i did not leave it on. I pressed the power button so it was in the usual connected stand by.

Let's just continue enjoying my S2 ;)