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Keep typecover enabled


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Is there a way I can keep the keyboard enabled when it is flipped to the back of the tablet ?

What I actually want is to use an external display with my SP4 and keep it face down with the keyboard on the back so I don't have to type while facing away from the monitor. And no, I don't want an external keyboard.


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I have had to use a 1ByOne external keyboard for issues such as this. Its the same size, complete with touch-pad and all the bells and whistles. I also use this keyboard with my Samsung S7 Edge. It pairs up without issue to my Surface Pro 4 and reconnects without any hassle. I get about 16 hours of constant use from it, it will also charge while being used. The range is really good, which is awesome for presentations etc. I know you mentioned you didn't want an external keyboard, but in the event you change your mind, take a look at the pic. The 1ByOne is just a tad smaller than the Surface Pro, so it packs up nice and neat with your Surface Gear. Hope this helps.


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