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Is the Surface keyboard cover 'officially designed' by Microsoft to be taken off and reversed?


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Hey everyone I just have a quick question about the keyboard cover for the Surface Pro 3... I know that in tablet mode, the keyboard is designed to flip to the back to where the keys are facing outwards. But, how about detaching it and flipping it so the keys are facing inwards against the back of the device?

I haven't found any sources that say this method is officially supported by Microsoft, so I don't want to damage my device by doing so (or stretch the keyboard in a way it shouldn't be).

So, is the Surface Pro 3 and its keyboard specifically designed to be used in this way? And is it actually safer than the common method of simply flipping the keyboard to the back? Also one last question, is the keyboard's internal wires sturdy enough to withstand constant attaching and reattaching?



I can't speak 'officially' - but I just tried it and it looks like power is no longer sent to the keyboard in reverse. So I would assume you would have no problems in doing it. I don't see why you would want to though. It's a lot more tedious than just flipping it under..?

In terms of sturdiness, I've never had a problem with mine, but I don't detach very often. I doubt it will do any harm though. It's all magnetic.


Mine is just over a year old, and in the last two weeks has split near the connector due to using it 'undetached', that is folded back with the keys facing outward - as you refer to as the 'official' way.
I confidently say it is due to this, as the way is it split makes it obvious where the tension was.

The difference between the official way and the 'detach it, rotate so the keys are against the back of the SP3) is that the 'official' way bends the hinge flap 90+22=112°, whereas the 'unofficial' folds it 90-22=68° : less tension means it will likely last longer for the effort of rotating it.

I've used it detached/unofficial mode quite a bit too, and no ill effects that way, so if I were starting again I'd get in that habit.


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Many of us Surface 2, 2 Pro, and 3 Pro owners have been reversing the keyboard since the devices were first available. I've been flipping my keyboard since October 2013.

No damage, no problems. No guarantees that it will work the same way for you. :)


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You won't find anything official...but I will say I've been doing it since I started using the Surface RT back at the launch and have done it with all of my devices. I also get to hang with the Surface Engineering and Marketing Teams on occasion and they all do it as well....


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I've had my SP3 coming up on a year (next month) and have been doing this since about day 3. It has worked perfectly well, and probably reduced the number of times I've had to blast air into the keyboard to get junk out (which I do often enough as it is!). Makes me wish the thing had a chicklet keyboard...


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That's funny. I've had mine for 4 months and I just realized that you can do this. Then I happen to notice this post, and had the same question. I hope everyone is right that it shouldn't have any ill affect later on, because I love the fact that you can flip it. I have not seen anything official, but I saw an old surface commercial from years back on youtube, and they were definitely flipping the keyboard inward. Good enough for me.