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Keyboard connection unreliable


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I purchased the raised key model for better typing control, and at least half the times I try to use it, the Surface doesn't recognize that its there. Have to pull it off and on a few times to get it to actuate.

Is this a hardware failure, or a known bug??


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I have the touch model and I have sort of have the same issue. When I have the cover folded all the way so I can use it as a tablet, I use the screen KB of course. Then when I fold it to use the touch keyboard and takes a while for the keyboard to be active. Usually I have the settings to switch over. If thats the same issue as you, then yeah, it's annoying, but hope it gets fixed.


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I've read about in an other forum - the user cleaned the contacts, and everything went fine again (alcohol or similar - be careful/on your own risk).
The other option is a defective unit/gyro.
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