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Known issues for SP4


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I'm also having several problems with my Surface Pro 4.

-Wifi 'turned off' every time I wake the device. (Not just disconnected)
-Display driver crashing all the time. (And I never use Edge.)
-Type Cover loses two finger scroll and other gestures, turning to generic mouse. (Uninstall trackpad device/reinstall fixes. Physically remove/replace cover does not.)
-Type cover track pad stops working entirely. (physical remove/replace fixes.)
-Surface Pen randomly stops writing on screen. Button works to launch one note, so it's paired. (reboot fixes)
-Device sometimes out of battery after sleeping all night. Seemed to only happen a couple times so far.

I really love the device otherwise, but I may just have to return mine.
Looks like there is a firmware update today, so I'll try that now.
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#3 and #5 I test two days, on the IE bug does not appear, only on the Edge and Firefox. Chrome 47 Zoom operates a nightmare
You are right. It has been confirmed that many issues are caused by edge, including high resources occupation occasionally. The last update addresses this but not fully works. I even got bluescreen with edge. However, screen can now be waken up after a display adapted crashing, you only need to try another time after 3 seconds. Just my case. But before the update, I have asked a refund for screen dying. Don't think it's a good time to have a surface pro 4.