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Laptop mode?


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I was messing with my Surface Pro because the autorotation was locked (grayed) and I found this : "Autorotation is unavailable because you are using your PC as a laptop"


It's the first time I've encounter this "laptop" mode and I'm guessing it's the reason why my Surface Pro react differently from time to time (something the screen keyboard pop automatically in my browser, sometime it doesn't).

So please, can someone enlight me about this?




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Nope, I forget it at my home.

I was thinking about plugin & unplugging the cover so maybe it will unlock my Surface when I'll be back home.
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Charms Bar > Settings > tap Screen once and 'lock' will open > at top click on the 'lock' to open it.


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Charms Bar > Settings > tap Screen once and 'lock' will open > at top click on the 'lock' to open it.
Err aren't you talking about the option in the screenshot of the first post? Because that option is grayed and I cannot access it (I thought the screenshot made it clear...).

Either way, I'm back home and plugging\unplugging the type cover resolved my problem. Still, I'm wondering how we can deactivate the laptop mode if it stay activated when we unplug the type cover.


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Unfortunately with the Surface Pro it appears you have to be careful about connecting and disconnecting the keyboard when it is not awake. It doesn't seem to be able to reconcile the state if you change it while the Pro is sleeping. It is certainly a pain but one you should be able to avoid with a little effort.


Simple fix: to enable autorotation you just need to stop using your surface as a PC and start using it as a frisbee.
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