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Larger screen for the next Surface


I use the SP3 at work and one thing that I wish for is a larger screen. Previously used a Yoga 13 and think that that size screen would be ideal.

Anyone else?
Since Satya Nadella and Panos Panay have guarenteed that the next version would be compatible with all of the SP3 Accessories (including the Dock), the only way to get a larger screen is to radically reduce the Bezel Width, while possible not sure it would allow for needed integrity for the device.
I guess it's possible they could make two sizes which would technically maintain the size compatibility I think it unlikely.
I really don't believe they would cannibalize sales with multiple Pro offerings....
I really don't believe they would cannibalize sales with multiple Pro offerings....
And if they did, I think it would be a disaster! When you start to get into all sorts of physical size options for the Pro, then that changes it to a different product segment (i.e., laptops). Whatever size they finalize on (same, smaller, or bigger), just let it be one physical size; options can be internal (CPU, disk space, etc.).
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No i don't see that happening as the relatively small 12" size is one of their sellingpoints. The device should be portable yet still in a small enough package to pack a lot of punch and fit into most bags. Plus as mentioned earlier, it has to work with the current dock and other accessories.

/ Magnus
I see many people want Microsoft to enter into all segments of the Computing Landscape and do to laptops what they did for Productivity Tablets, but the OEMs actually make really good laptops and traditional convertibles, where the OEMs have struggled is in the Tablet Space...

I could see a Surface AiO in the 18-22" Space though....
No. they already grew from 10.6 to 12 and they won't do it again.

Among other things, 12 is already reaching the tipping point for usability in tablet/portrait mode.

and, as jnjroach pointed out, they have committed no-more-changing-form-factor to their enterprise partners.

I'm a bit bummed because I would like to see a thinner/lighter Surface. I was thinking they could offer a thinner model and some sort of an "insert" to keep compatibility with the dock. but probably not. I suppose they can make it lighter while keeping the same thickness, though. Of course, with a USB port there's only so much thinner it can get...
I think they should go bigger maybe like this.
Not really that portable though