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Latest MS patch causes continual screen detach, re-attach


Since the beginning of the week, my SB has started, about every 30 seconds, flashing up a screen detached, loss of keyboard connection then re-attaches the screen. Initially assumed it was the tarnished/dirty connection issue, so cleaned, blew out the connections etc.

No joy, was about to give up and contact MS then remembered that I had had two sets of MS pushed updates including KB4013429.

Removed the last two MS patches, did the two button cold reboot twice and the problem goes away until MS re
pushes the damn patches again. Not the only folk who seems to have this problem, see link below. Going to call and chase MS support this morning to inform them....assuming that does anything....:cool:

Sorry to start like this - Sb keeps saying attached


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Everalm, I have just received a replacement from MS having had the same issue (every 15 seconds).
The 'new' machine came with just KB3199209 installed.

So far I have loaded KB4013418, KB3150513 and KB4015438 (also C++ KB2565063).

As mentioned just 24 hours elapst, and been caught before by premature joy, but fingers crossed.

Says I am upto date, and so far no sign of your KB4013429