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'Likes' Appearing on All Threads Now


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Within the last hour 'Likes' are now appearing on all user thread replys. On my screen it's pushing the text down to the next HTML block. IMO it looks like h*ll.


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Not quite following you an that one. Likes have been here since the beginning. Are you saying you are just now seeing the Like "button" (really hyperlinked word) for the first time or that you are seeing the bar that says who liked the post for the first time?


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Probably meant the "space" or number of new lines from your post to the "Like" hyperlink, followed by so many new lines again after that, which consumes a lot of wasted viewing space.


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See this post before a like:


Then see the same post after tapping the LIKE button:


Wastes a bunch of space.

Ive noticed this on a lot of the FF sites when they were updated to the version of the forum with the Activity feeds.


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Darn it, why did you guys have to point that out! Now I can't stop noticing it :mad:

Maybe Frederuco and I can see about getting it addressed. :)


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Here's what my screen looks like now... just horrible and as Arnold said a waste of space. What happened?

Screenshot (17).png


I see threads that look just like bosamar's screenshot and it's very annoying, so much so that I've been on the board less because of it. EDIT: Well that's just great...whatever update has been applied has broke compatibility mode. If you remove this site from compatibility mode it fixes the issue that shows in bosamar's screenshot, but then you can't hit the enter key again. This has got to be the most frustrating forum I have ever used.
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