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Links in Metro email issues


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I joined the Surface forum.

I got my Surface Pro and was excited. I had heard that the Metro email was not very good. I had been using Win8 for about 6 months on my Lenovo laptop and did try Metro email but contributed the issues to not have a touch screen.

With the Surface I figured I would give it try again.

When I received the Surface Forum email requiring activation of my forum sign up, sadly I could not click on the link to activate. It was not recognized as a link.

I received the same email on my iPad and the link worked perfectly.

This should just work.

Am I doing something wrong?

I was able to click on the link in the email from the Surface Forum and Metro Email. Are you sure it isn’t something in your permissions and/or security?

I tested another email with a link and it seems to work. I thought it was interesting that it didn't work for the Surface activation email.

So the link seems to work in Outlook, iPad and multiple machines. Other links seem to work in the Metro email, just not the Surface forum activation on both my Surface and other Win8 machine.

Oh well. I am glad it is not on all links.