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Hyperlinks from emails


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Is it just me, but does anybody else have a problem where if they click on a web link in an email , sometimes metro internet explorer will open a blank page instead of the linked site. If I go back and do it again it will work. I have had this issue since day one but now 7 months down the road it is starting to bug me.


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I haven't tried this yet but I will do when I get home to check for you.

Don't mean to gatecrash the thread, but instead of just making a new one... is there a way to open an email and make it full screen? As far as I can see you can only have it on the right hand side of the screen, with the email list on the left hand side.


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For the Mail app, there is no pop out option like in Outlook. Til then, we just have to wait for Outlook.
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