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LogIn password behaviour on different networks.


My Surface Pro has a slightly annoying behaviour on log in, depending on what WiFi network environment I'm in.

For example:

When I am at home I start up my Surface Pro and log in with my Windows account password. So far so good. I shut down my SP after use, ready for another day. Next time, at home, I start up and log in the same way and everything's fine.

Now I take my SP to the office as I also use it there. When I start it up and attempt to log in it tells me that I am using an incorrect/invalid password and I should try again. Trying again with the same password produces the same result.
I have to do a restart and then it works okay.
I can then shut down and go through the normal log in process without any problem as often as I want..... until I go home, and then I have the same problem which requires the same restart action to allow entry!

Anyone else experiencing this? And do you find it as annoying as I do?!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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