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Logitech H600 on Surface Pro


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Does anyone know if the Surface Pro pumps enough power for the Logitech H600 headsets to work?

The Logitech H600 uses a small USB Rx/Tx adapter much like their other wireless devices. However this one is a little bigger and use more power.
That appears to be a standard usb dongle and the Pro will power it (USB 3.0 is 5V @ 1A). There doesn't seem to be any specification on Logitech's website that this requires more than standard power. USB ports have standardized power http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...2884-surface-rt-pro-power-charging-specs.html and the only difference would be if you needed a charging USB port which is high powered and dedicated to charging (not likely for a dongle and would definitely need to be noted since this wouldn't work with most USB ports). Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Well, that's was I was thinking too... Sadly I can not get it to work yet.

Put dongle in Desktop, works like a champ.

Plugged into Surface, NO Sound. I checked the Playback devices and made it default. The Volume bar is fluctuating as it is receiving sounds....

I am Sure if I call Logitech they will say, it works in your computers, our stuff is fine. So, Where will MS Stand on this.

All that Said.... I love my Surface and they can not have it back......
Lol I wouldn't give it back either. Sounds like it might be a driver issue. Do you have the latest Windows 8 drivers installed?