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Mail app disappeared, but store says it is installed


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This morning, suddenly the tile for my mail app has disappeared.
When I look for the mail-app, it is not found (except the outlook 2013 which is also installed).
When I look in the store for the e-mail application, the store says this application is installed (and so i can't reinstall it).

There is still a tile for my contacts and when I use this app I can look for some contacts and send email to them (by the normal application). So the mail-application is not deleted.

How can i put the tile for the standard windows rt mail application back?

Thanks in advance.

start> swipe up and look on the other page of apps and maybe you have to pin it to the start again?
Thanks for the suggestion, but when i look at the installed apps I don't see mail, agenda and contacts. So I can't pin it again to the start

I know from contacts, select a contact, mail this person that the app is installed.
Can someone give me the dos-command to start the application for mail.
I think it would be possible to define a new tile connected to a command-file (to start the application for mail)