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Question about Mail App on Surface 2 (RT)


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Quick question: How do I move a bunch of mails (say around 50) from the deleted folder in the Mail App in Win 8.1 RT to another folder? I deleted the mails by mistake but they are all in the deleted folder. I can do it one by one, but was wondering if there is a "select all" function that I could use.

Thanks in advance.
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Up at the top next to the word All touch to the left of it and it will select all...

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Thanks. I thought so too. What you mentioned works in all folders except in the case of the Deleted Folder. Regardless, the way I did this is to identify specific senders and move all their mails from the Deleted Folder to the folder that I need them to be in. This can be done by rightclicking a mail from a specific sender. When the blue bar at the bottom comes up, click on Move. This gives an option where one can select which folder you want to move the mail to. It also gives an option to Move All From. If you click that you get more options that are specifically linked to that sender. I chose to move all mails from that sender into the folder I wanted. I did this for all mails that I wanted from the Deleted Folder. It is a roundabout way to do this, but I just could not find another way. Interestingly, I could also not do this on Outlook.com. Strange!