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Microsoft Look-Alikes, Hacking


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I was attempting to download an album of pictures from Google and I was hacked. Only a voice came through threatening dire happenings about my IP address and cautioning me not to turn off my computer... I immediately did a hard reboot (off switch + volume rocker) and then ran Defender Long Scan. All's well now...

Is this a common thing? I got sucked into this type scam a couple of times and learned my lesson! You really feel stupid, so it's not a pleasant lesson.

Did I do the right thing with the hard reboot?


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Yes, you did the right thing. This is a common "virus" or attack on computers, many of which even claim to be coming from Microsoft.

1) Hard reboot
2) Start your browser immediately after your PC restarts, and empty the cache.
3) Make sure Windows Defender is protecting your PC. If you have alternate protection, such as PCMatic, Malwarebytes, Eset, etc. then scan with that application.
4) Do not return to that website or re-attempt the search that brought you peril.