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Microsoft patents Cortana’s home page


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When fiddling with my Windows Phone, as one is wont to do when bored, I often tap on my Cortana tile to see if there is anything to entertain me.

Because Cortana is so personal there usually is, be it a few relevant Windows Phone searches, the latest trailers I am interested in, or my stock portfolio.

Microsoft is now working to get a patent on the idea of constructing a home page from your interests and other signals.

In United States Patent Application 20150106349 Microsoft writes:

"A user profile is constructed from implicit user signals, such as prior searches, as well as from explicit user signals. The user profile informs which types of information is proactively obtained for the user. The proactively obtained information is ranked so that only the highest ranked information is proactively presented to the user. The proactive presentation of information to the user can take the form of tiles, or other like graphical elements, that can comprise images with text indicative of information that is being proactively presented to the user. User action directed to a tile can result in the presentation of further information."

Continue Reading @: http://wmpoweruser.com/microsoft-patents-cortanas-home-page/


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I hope Cortana works well. The workplace can turn hostile if she doesn't respond as users expect.