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Surface Book Display Flickering Problems Reported


Editor in Chief

It looks like not all things are perfect with the new Surface Book, at least for a short time anyway. A few users have reported display flickering problems. The issue is apparently just a driver problem that causes the screen to flicker erratically, either in tablet or in laptop mode. Luckily, Microsoft has already acknowledged being aware of the issue and is working to crank out a fix promptly. Microsoft's statement was thus,

“A small number of customers have flagged some issues with their Surface Book. We are working hard to resolve them quickly and easily with Windows Update.”

Apparently, some of the affected users were able to temporarily fix the problem by disabling Hyper-V. Sound off and let us know if you are an owner of the Surface Book who has experienced this issue. You can see an animated gif in the thread below that demos the issue.

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