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Microsoft Update (Installing same update repeatedly; anyone else?)


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So as shown on the screenshot, is anyone having the same updates as me for the 2013-10-24 update? I had to do a system restore around that week after the update was installed successfully because my unit wasn't charging (figured out it had something to do with my power bar afterwards since I plugged it into another outlet and it fixed the problem. Stupid of me not to do that first instead of a system restore...).

I would be damn well relieved if this is just how the update is for everyone else but it just seems weird that the same update is being installed over and over again but also saying "Installed Successfully". Please if you have any advice it'd be greatly appreciated!
Same here with the system firmware update (10/24) Same as you, it happened 4 times so far. Maybe it's everyone? Seems like every 2 days it updates. I was gonna call Microsoft support about this.
If you get to doing that, pleeeassee let me know too! It's been bothering me a lot but it eases my mind (and hopefully yours too!) that I/we are not alone in experiencing this problem. I'm very interested to see if we're the only users experiencing this or if anyone else is encountering the issue as well. I have two links from Microsoft that I tried using today that supposedly fixes any inconsistencies in Windows Update. When analyzing, it doesn't show that my Windows Update has any problems so maybe what we're experiencing is normal? Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to try this method since it's just a check and its officially from Microsoft Support.

System Update Readiness Tool fixes Windows Update errors

One thing to make note of for people who want to try this is that when typing into the command prompt, make sure you put the appropriate spaces in the command line for it to work. I didn't put the spaces in and it just didn't register. To illustrate what I mean it goes like this:


One other thing I haven't tried is resetting all Windows update which is my alternative solution if this really is a problem. The thread below is also from official microsoft support so hopefully this can help everyone who's running into this problem!

How do I reset Windows Update components?
I mentioned on another thread that I had this exact problem. I am not positive what fixed it but I think it was hiding the update, then checking for new updates. I then unhid hidden updates.... and it was gone for good