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I'd like to buy an external monitor to use with my SP. What monitor are you using and how is it working out with the SP? Also what settings do you find work best with it? I'll be using it mostly with Word and Excel with a little bit of CAD. The CAD work that I do at home is minor and not too complicated. Mostly small revisions. I'd like to hear some opinions before I buy.

I bought a Planar 27" monitor when it was on sale from Dell more than a year ago, for about $200. Works perfectly at 1920X1080 via HDMI. It seems crystal clear to me. I'm sure it isn't in the quality level of a $700 to $1,500 monitor, but Blu-ray videos play very well, as far as I can tell.
Keep in mind that the default zoom level on your SP is 150%. This will extend to your monitor until MS gets around to fixing that. This means that things will be BIG on your external monitor. On a 27" monitor they will be REALLY big. I went with a 21.5" HP IPS display from BestBuy that was on sale for $129 and am quite happy with it. You can find them even cheaper on Amazon. One thing to keep in mind when monitor shopping is do you want reflective of non-reflective surface. Non-reflective is good if you have lights behind you as they won't reflect off the screen. Reflective will give you a brighter crisper picture.

Couple options to make things less big on your external monitor:

1) Set your zoom at 125%. Makes things a bit small on the SP, but better on the external monitor.
2) Change the resolution of your SP to 1600 x 900 and set the zoom to 125%. You probably won't notice any degradation in SP image quality and 1600 x 900 x 125 gives you same screen real estate at 1920 x 1080 x 150.
I have a Dell U3011 and a U3014, both running at 2560x1600.

They are large, beautiful monitors and I haven't had any problems with them.