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Mouse cursor high jacked on Studio


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I have a surface studio. I was running the windows insider beta and a couple days ago I started having trouble with my mouse Cursor being pulled to the top of the screen making it nearly unusable. I thought it may have had to do with the beta so I wiped the hard drive and down loaded the most recent iso for win 10. The problem persists. There is a pale box and sometimes circle that the cursor is pulled to. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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This is a bizarre problem. The box looks like it is drawn with software, as if it was some kind of beta software, as you suggest. It does not look like screen damage, or the like.

Perhaps try this test: Connect an external monitor, and set it up as your primary display. See if the problem shows up on the external monitor. At least, this may eliminate the screen hardware as the culprit. It would not, however, necessarily eliminate the possibility that video board drivers or firmware has gone bad.

Also, can you take a screenshot through software ( Fn + Windows + Spacebar )? Does the box show up on the image?

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