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Mouse is jumping and jerky if charger is plugged in also noises if I move the mouse


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Hello from Germany, maybe you can help me here, i have a problem with my SB2, if the charger is connected after 1-2 min my mouse is jumping and jerky. If i disconnect it , it directly go smoth again, if i put it in again it is directly jumping and jerky. If I pull out usb from my mouse and put it in again it goes smooth again for 1-2 min. But no problems with Touchpad.

Also if the connector is plugged in and i move my mouse there come sounds from my SB2 but not from the speaker it makes sssssst i move mouse sssst i dont move its not making noises. Also this problem with Touchpad, if i pull out the connector this problem is away, if i connect charger this problem is there again.

Edit : The noise comes also if the connector is disconnected but its not so loud in Microsoft Edge it gets louder again.

What can I do ? I try different mouse etc. it must be a problem with Surface or the charger. Should i try a new charger ? You no this problem ?

Thank you very much.


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Hello, @Soner

A very unusual problem. It could be that you have some electrical interference or electrical ground problem coming from your charger or desk or mains power.

Are you using the OEM charger?

Try taking the SB2 and your charger to a different venue to see if it happens there, too.

Has there ever been water damage to the SB2?


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Thank you for your answer.

I have try different venues, an it's the OEM charger.

I bought a Surface and it had problems with the Keyboard I returnt it (warranty) and i got a unused New one from Microsoft bag it's New 0 Charges so there dont can be water damage I think.

I have New Information if I am in safe Mode there are no problems with the mouse. I think it's driver Problem but the System is New.

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