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Charging Challenge


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So after 5 hours of trying to figure this one out via youtube, google, microsoft support and getting nowhere I thought I would offer this up for guidance.

This morning I switched on my surface book, plugged in the charger and away I went. After 20mins I noticed that there was no charging icon on the screen, and I checked the light on the connector - no light. But then I checked the usb on the adaptor and it was powering as normal.

Then I disconnected the screen from the base... and connected the adaptor to the screen - still no light but the battery icon showed it was charging and indeed it did. I reconnected the screen and tried again with the base and no light, no charge.

Any ideas as to what is going on?


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One of two possibilities - The Charger is failing or the Surface Connector on the Keyboard is damaged/blocked. Look to see if anything is been pulled into the connector port and/or try another charger...


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Something odd that happened to me with my Surface Pro 4 & Charger. I had the charger hooked up to the SP4 and everything was fine. I then decided to charge my nearly dead Note 8 using the SP4 USB port. When I did this, the charging icon would disappear / reappear in a constant cycle. I tried a different phone, same thing. Once I disconnected the USB Port, it went back to normal charging cycles. I agree with ADMN-jnroach on this one - it may be your charger / connector.

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