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Mouse activity will not wake my Surface Pro


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I have gotten into the habit of waking my Surface by tapping the space bar, and that works fine. I can wake any of my other computers by moving the mouse, but that won't work on the surface. I have a USB mouse and also a Bluetooth mouse and I have tried both of them and no dice. I checked device manager and the box "Allow this device to wake the computer" is checked. Does anyone else have this problem and better yet solved it?

As a secondary complaint it seems that the screen blanking and transition to sleep are using the battery rules even though the unit is plugged in. I have checked all the power settings using the graphic interface and powercfg and nothing jumps out at me.


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Same here and I'm using the Wedge mouse and also a Bluetooth keyboard; neither wakes up my SP from sleep even though the option is enabled.

Like you, I rely on pressing a key on my Type Cover in order to wake it up.


It wakes up for me every time by clicking the mouse and moving it. The wedge is a touch mouse I understand, try tapping it and moving it at the same time.


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I have a USB mouse in addition to the Bluetooth. I plugged that in and let the computer go to sleep. The I turned the wheel on the USB mouse and that woke it up but no action on the Bluetooth mouse wakes it up. In another test I let it go to sleep and clicked the left and right buttons on the USB mouse which woke it up, but just to be clear moving the mouse did nothing. Sort of strange. Maybe the sleep mode is shutting down the Bluetooth radio and that is why the Bluetooth mouse is unresponsive. Movement of the USB mouse ought to work though.
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I use Apple's bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth magic mouse...only the keyboard wakes my SP from sleep...and I have "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" UNchecked in bluetooth settings. Just some FYI for you.

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