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Mouse/Keyboard interruptions using the dock


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Anyone else experiencing intermittent and very temporary (5-10 second) mouse/keyboard loss while using the dock? Happening on the dock at work and at home so it is apparently the SB in some way. When the issue occurs the mouse light goes out so it is almost like the dock completely disconnects the devices. The monitors are never interrupted though.

SB i7/8/256



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I have the SB i5/8/256/dGPU and the dock with all sorts of things connected to it including a large external monitor. I use a BT keyboard with a wireless mouse. I've not experienced any "outages" of the mouse or keyboard while using the dock.


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At least 3 or 4 times a day, I usually have to shutdown the computer unplug the dock, power cycle it then restart. Usually happens after I go to a meeting and undock.


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I have had all sorts of problems with my mouse/keyboard disconnecting with the SB (i7/16/512/dGPU) and the Dock.

I have my SB hooked up to the dock, with the USB port on the dock hooked up to a Dell 3415w (this monitor also functions as a KVM switch). Then plugged into the Dell 3415w I have a USB receiver for the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard/mouse combo.

The mouse will frequently just stop working and both the mouse and keyboard will occasionally experience some very brief lag and or keys getting stuck. If I hit a key while the dock is lagging, it will spam that key indefinitely until I hit another key.

The mouse/keyboard will sometimes function on sleep/resume, but not always. And sometimes they will just stop working while the machine is up and running and I'm using it. It actually happened in the middle of writing this post!

When they stop working completely, unplugging the dock and/or USB from the dock and reconnecting them does nothing, or just gets them working again for a minute or two, and I need to reboot to get everything working properly again.

As a result, I've stopped using the dock's USB ports and just plug the Dell 3415w's USB directly into the SB. This pretty much solves all problems with the exception of the occasional USB failure, which is fixed by unplugging the USB connector and reconnecting it.

Everything else on my SB has been working great, even before the firmware updates. I've using it as my main machine since day 1 of the launch I've only experience 2 BSOD. (2 seems low for the SB, but in reality, I can only recall 1 BSOD in the past 3 years prior, so not great that it happens at all). But the dock in my opinion is kind of a disaster and needs a firmware patch ASAP.


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Yeah, I have the same issues with the dock. The mouse and keyboard become unresponsive for 5-10 seconds and then will come back again. Once it starts happening it can occur every couple of minutes until I restart.
I have a peripheral setup very similar to dkappelman with the exact same problems when using the dock with a slight twist. I'm having the same issues while using an SP4. So it does seem to be a dock problem.


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Hey there! I know this thread is old, but did anyone ever find a fix for this? I have a Surfacebook and a Microsoft Dock and getting the same issue - randomly the keyboard and mouse (running off the Dock) stop working..Monitors rarely have issues, but the keyboard and mouse will just disconnect and the only way to get them to reconnect is to unplug the dock for more than 10 minutes, or power cycle the dock. I have updated to the latest firmware and still getting this issue.