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keyboard and mouse intermittent looking into hardware as suspect

james long

New Member
I have here a surface book with an intermittent KB/Mouse. I have installed all updates, reinstalled all drivers, hard reset, run diagnostics, cleaned pins, and reset the OS.
the issue appears as such, while using book docked (duh) the keyboard and mouse will intermittently drop out.
when the dropout occurs it will last for about 5-7 seconds during which after a couple of seconds a USB drive icon will show in the tray then quickly disappear and then they work again. This will happen either once in a short while, or rapidly doing it 3-6 times or so within a minute or two and wiggling the screen/re-docking does not affect it. I have the GPU base and it was bought in august 2016.

I'n not really sure where to go with it at this point. I was considering opening up the base and probing the board, so I was wondering if there was anyone who has some advice to help get this figured out. Thanks !

james long

New Member
FYI I don't have a surface dock I should have thought about that before o choose my words. and I have not tried using it with a bluetooth keyboard. I have no plans to open up the clipboard, but I'm willing to pop open the base and run diagnostics and repair the PCB's. I just need to make sure there's no other hope first before I commit to such a long project.

Also, The keyboard lights work fine, it still utilizes the GPU, batteries, and charger from the base, and the eject button works fine.

I'll look into repairing the factory image.