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TabletPC mouse - great app for tablet mode!


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I just found a little program which greatly improved my tablet Photoshop experience:

Tablet Pc Mouse - Go Mouse Free. Use onscreen touch like a Wireless Mouse. Jailbreak your Tablet Pc. Tools For Touch Mouse Pointer Surface Pro Hacks, New Utility Tools For Tablet Pc Power Users And Tech Savvy

It allows to create a floating menu with some buttons you touch with your left hand
while painting with a pen in your right hand.
Assign the keyboard shortcuts to your custom buttons and it speeds up your work big time.
Hand tool for panning, zooming, tools, new layer etc, all can be assigned to those buttons.
no need to reach for those menus with your pen.

Works great and the developer is the best. Still in beta, but he just sent me a new version
last night and it works perfect.