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Music player question


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I noticed that when I load a complete album on the Surface, when I choose one song on the album to play, it will just play that one song and stop. So, in order to play the last 5 songs on an album, you have to select play album and then fast forward to the 5th last song to let it play through. Does anyone else have the same problem, or do I have a setting wrong?



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Aw: Music player question

Just select the desired 5 titles by right-click or tap and small swish and choose play selected (since I'm using German payout I had to translate it) on the bar at the bottom.
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Thanks, that does work. It would make more sense for it to just play the rest of the songs after the one you chose, hopefully they can make a fix for that.


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This has been the bane of my existence since I started using Windows 8 a few months ago and almost was the deal-breaker for me. Why would Microsoft leave out such a basic function that every other media player I have ever used has? Even my Nintendo 3DS can do it. I really hope this is just an oversight for an early version of the project, and this (along with gapless playback) will be added in the recent future.


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I saw that there was an update to the music player and was hoping that this issue would have been resolved, but sadly it hasn't. It makes me feel like the music player wasn't really tested by someone before releasing it. Its basic functionality that makes listening to any loaded album extremely annoying.
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