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My 8.1 Lenovo Atom is a blazingly better TABLET than my 10 SP 3 i5


Caveat: This is not a discussion of desktop, laptop or Surface-with-keyboard-and-mouse, which is clearly superior to Vista/XP/7 and 8 school and business use.

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 128/4 W8.1 64 Pro (more or less the same as a Surface3) vs Windows 10 SP3 i5 same 128/4 plus SSD.

Takes 8 times as long to do my morning browsing on the SP3 as the same browsing on the TPT10 this morning, compared sequentially and partially in parallel. Some of that appears to be adware overwhelming Edge. Using tracking protection lists with Metro IE on the TPT10. Edge loads slowly and will not react to touch on the back button. While it will go back when using the mouse, it take an average of 6, up to 10, touches to go back in the presence of unwanted unblocked adware. I wasn't going to mention the back gesture, but it sure is nice.

The Mail APP using my Live account (gave up on integrating gmail -not MS's fault) is slow and unreliable. Took 5 minutes to send a link this morning. Mail App worked great 29 July. First update took it altogether off line for a week. Now it is unreliable and slow, sometimes requiring restarts. On the TPT10 it is effortless.

There things I haven't been able to do in Tablet Mode on 10, I could do in 8.1, without a mouse. In one instance Cortana Bing understood the OS and problem, restated it expertly, the pointed me to a W10 help page that did not have the information on it or in links up to 2 levels down. This is not OK.

I am not running funky non-MS provided SW (except Lenovo utilities which aren't running 95% of the time.) Security SW is MS Defender.

There are a bunch of irritants, like:
- Losing my pinned favorites in the tradition, and not being to fix the labels when pinned to W10 start for those which were refound by checking my TPT10,
- Tiny fonts,
- Not knowing what to do about Onedrive,
- Cortana giving we WXP/7 and IOS answers to questions that start "Windows 10 settings", and
- Loss of full screen browsing.

I lived with an pre-ordered original Surface Pro (currently with 8.1 on my desk tied to a large touch monitor) through 8 to 8.1 Bought several of all generations/types of Surface Tablets. I know this is going to get a lot better, hopefully in October. Clearly, the user Operating System interface (when you are working with the OS as opposed to using it) is vastly improved. OTOH, I've examined planned October changes, and I can't tell what is coming to Tablet Mode.

Like everyone else here I am constantly asked about W10, and my answer is if you are not on a tablet, yes, but it might be easier to wait to October, but if you are on a tablet, no.

I've had many years of Apple issues, and don't like their stuff even on my network, but with the Best TABLET in the World gone to Windows 10 and my second best 8 times as fast, but still not up SP3 TABLET with 8.1, I found myself looking at iPads at BJs yesterday...


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IDK, Might rework it a little and make it more SP3 w W10 focused, use generic reference to other tablet vs mentioning Lenovo specifically.
Possible Headline: My SP3 w W10 is significantly slower than a W8.1 Atom TABLET.

Lenovo Thinkpad Atom BayTrail Tablet 10 128/4 W8.1 64 Pro (more or less the same as a Surface3) vs Windows 10 SP3 i5 same 128/4 plus SSD.

Just a suggestion. :)


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Reading the first sentence of your original post again then the rest of it, again, it's either here or Surface Pro vs Others. It does not appear to be specific to the SP3.