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My one annoyance with my SB (backlit keyboard)


It's a small one but annoying all the same.

I with the color of the keys were not silver. I can type medium speed but I usually look at the keyboard while typing. The problem is that everyday I have to enable/disable the backlit keys. In the light, I have to turn it off so I can see the keys. In the dark, I have to turn the light back on.

It's hard to see the letters on the keys otherwise. Not enough contrast. Silver keys are pretty but not practical. Small, but real annoyance.

Maybe I should look into a vinyl skin over the keyboard? Hmmm

Ok, maybe two annoyances... I wish the USB ports had more power. My external BR drive only has one USB cable (doesn't need to plugged into two USB ports to power) and it disconnects periodically when plugged in. I've had to use a dual-USB cable to keep it connected. At least wish there was a way to power up the ports. :(