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The Surface Book Saga

If I were you I would have just purchased the Complete Warranty, even after you dropped it. There is nothing unethical about that since Microsoft gives you 45 days after purchase to add the complete warranty.

Have you tried to see if your credit card has Purchase Assurance? They may cover the first Surface Book.

Also, is there no Microsoft Store in your area? They would normally do a on the spot exchange for you. Why deal with the shipping if you don't have to? I have always received excellent customer service in the stores.

I am trying to get reimbursed by my credit card insurance but that has been a struggle also :) I purchased the tablet in Canada at Best Buy. They don't offer the Microsoft warranty, only their own which costs $30 per month (seems less expensive now :). That's why I purchased the surface book directly form the Microsoft website with the extended care warranty.
A little Amazon tale: Purchased an SP4. It had issues so I asked for a replacement. That order was processed at zero cost, no problem. Subsequently the replacement had issues as well so I returned it. When their system processed that the refund came out as zero since that was the cost of the replacement order. (nice try there with automation but not good) I had to contact Customer Service and long story short they had to escalate the issue since they were not authorized to make adjustments for that amount.
@GreyFox7 I have my 'first' SB replacement being processed by Microsoft Now, and your tail sends chills down my spine.

I have the Complete Warranty, but think I need to take BOTH units to a Microsoft Store to make sure that the Warranty transfers correctly, and I get a piece of paper showing it.

Microsoft is having a 'system' issue With Respect To the Surface Warranties. I sold my SP3 on eBay with a Complete Warranty. It showed on the website when I listed it. The new owner contacted Microsoft to confirm, and they emailed him that it had no warranty. Two hours on the phone Sunday with Surface Support emailing my receipts to them and the 'glitch' was cleared up....

Earlier the same day 12/20 I IM'd with them for the Replacement of the SB. That took an hour, and got an email that I will receive another email in 24-48 hours when the unit ships. I followed up today (48 hours latter) and was told it may take up to 5 business days due to 'system' issues.

During the afternoon on 12/20 the Surface Support Desk website, would never proceed to step 2 and start a chat... it continued to ask you to register your serial number.
- I purchased a Surface Pro 3 (512G/i7) in October. Three weeks later, it fell on the floor in the library and the screen shattered. Sent it for repairs, came back "irreparable".
- Wanting a replacement, I ordered a Surface Book 256GB/i7 on November 2nd.
- It arrived 3 weeks later in Nov 25. When I turned it on, instead of navigating me through the setup process, it was asking me for a username/password for "other user" as if it had already been setup.
- I looked through the discussion threads and found the instructions to reset it.
- I went through the setup process and left it plugged in overnight.
- Next morning, it would not turn on. Went again to the discussion boards and found the "double button off".
- The unit went into a "recovery mode". I started the reset process but every time it ended in a "critical_process_failure"
- I created a USB boot drive by downloading the recovery from Microsoft then rebooted from the USB. It seemed to work for the first few minutes but died again.
- I contacted the Microsoft Surface Support. I explained what I did and the support specialist told me I needed to replace the hardware. I was offered to either ship the unit back or take an advanced replacement which would be much faster.
- I selected the advanced replacement approach and a hold was put on my credit card for $2800 ... I was told the new unit was in stock and would be delivered in 3 to 5 days. This was November 28th.
- 1 week later, no sign of the replacement. I call the Microsoft Surface support again. I am told there was a delay but my unit is now en route ... This was December 3rd

- Now we are December 9 and I am getting restless. Its been 10 days. I call back support again. This time I am directed to "business" support. After waiting 30 minutes, I am told my case was opened as a consumer case... I am transferred to the "home user" department.... I wait 30 minutes than the support specialist asks me all the same questions again. After a while, they tell me they can't find my case and asks if I originally called the English support, apparently its a different department altogether so I have to call back and ask for English support. One hour into this process I finally talk to someone who finds my case. She tells me there is something she does not understand and that my file is going to be transferred to the care department and someone will call me back...
- As of this morning, Dec 14th, no one has called me back. I call support again. The support specialist is now telling me the reason I have not received the replacement is because there is no stock!!! It is being manufactured and at some unknown point in the future I will receive a replacement.
- I ask to speak to a supervisor, I get the same answer, date TBD ...
I have now paid over $2k for the broken Surface Pro3, $3k for the Surface Book that was DOA, another $3k hold on my credit card and have no working PC, no expected date, no hope :)

- My credit card insurance finally reimbursed the original surfacePro3 in full. For the new one ... still no sign of a replacement... almost 40 days since my "advanced replacement" was to ship...
Something must be going around...I had my SP3 die so contact MS for an exchange under my Complete Care program. They couldn't find it. Went through all sorts of hoops for a couple of weeks before they "found" it and made the exchange.