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Myriad of Surface Book Issues - Some sleep related


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My Surface Book is getting on my last nerve.

Here's a few issues:

1.Sometimes when waking from sleep the entire keyboard and trackpad is non-responsive. I have to remove the clipboard portion and reseat it, then the keyboard is usable again.

  1. When waking from sleep the desktop seems to have "shrunken" down to a lower resolution. All my previously opened chrome windows or application windows are now scrunched into the corner and I have to resize them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  2. I think this one is more common as I've seen some posts about it. I have no idea when it's in sleep or what behaviors will wake it. It seems like closing the lid puts it to sleep, but if you plug in the charger sometimes it will wake up. The surface line continues to be bizarre when it comes to sleep and it's definitely a pain point.

  3. Sometimes when waking from sleep my chrome/slack/hangouts windows will all be in a weird state where the touchpad won't scroll the webpage, but it like "nudges" the window instead. I have to close the window or app for scrolling to work normally again.
Anyone have any insight or help? MS Support hasn't been very helpful.