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New iphone owner - how do you integrate with the Surface Pro 3


Congrats on the new phone @ctitanic!

I wouldn't know about the photos, but you might want to look into Scanner Pro by Readdle or Genius Scan+, the latter's definitely got a OneNote connector.

Hotspot works awesome with the SP3, no issues at all here.


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Probably a bit late now but if you could get the Lumia 1020 then you would have the best camera on a phone and it syncs beautifully with the surface.it also runs the latest windows 8.1
The 1020 is not sold by T-Mobile and I don't want to pay full price for it. I did my homework.


1 - OneDrive app has a setting to automatically upload your pictures. You get extra free space if you use it, too.

2. OfficeLens is built into the OneNote app on iOS. Just go to the in-app camera feature.

3. Yes - Settings > Personal Hotspot.

Microsoft have made a superb effort in getting their apps and services multi platform. IPhone 6 looks like a great device, have fun with it!


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The OneDrive app on the iPhone works perfectly. I have thousands of photos and videos backed up this way.

Arguments on this thread about the 'best' phone are not helpful to your original post. The best phone is the one you use. So congrats on your new iPhone. People here can help you with it, but you'll get better and more helpful advice elsewhere on the Web.


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I predict in a week or so you will grow very tired of the iPhone and will regret the purchase. Aside from apps, Windows phone demolishes the iPhone.

With the iPhone, you can change your wallpaper = whoop-de-doo! There is nothing even close to live tiles and the OS is made for a child to use.

Also, I have not done contract phones in years. Just pay full price and be done with it. Also, the Nokia Icon (Verizon version) works fine on T-Mobile if you grow weary of the iPhone and want to try something else..


On AT&T you need to be on a data plan that will enable the native personal hot spot (family share plan does, unlimited doesn't), otherwise u need to jail break and use MyWi.


With the iPhone, you can change your wallpaper = whoop-de-doo! There is nothing even close to live tiles and the OS is made for a child to use.

@raqball I have a feeling @ctitanic is aware of the issue. It might not even be one for him.

It's all personal preferences and I'm glad there's not just one manufacturer out there. Heck, I love my iPhone and I'd still be crying if Samsung or any other shack shut down. It's the competition after all that drives the improvements.


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wow really? Mr Windows defender? lol and then you goto the enemy... say it ain't so buddy! why didn't you go with the Nokia 1020-1520? that's the phone I'm going with next!

Me too, or whatever the biggest & newest Nokia Windows phone that's available next spring when it's time to renew my contract with AT&T.

I want to keep everything Windows as long as they work well together. I've had an iPhone, Android phone, iPad, & Android tablet but now I'm all Windows and happy with my choices.

That said, congrats on your new iPhone Frank. I know you will enjoy it and make good use with it, but it's just not for me. Luckily my Nokia 925 upgraded to Windows 8.1 with Cortana OK.
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Oh well, perhaps I'm going the wrong way as I just ordered a Nokia 930 (icon in th eUSA) after 3 weeks with a Lumia 635 I decided I liked windows phone 8.1 and wanted a better phone, more similar in spec to my nexus4. with Cortana now released to win 8.1 and the 930... have I done the wrong thing then???

I'm lucky though I 'm off contract and can buy whatever phone I like whenever I like.